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Review by Mike O’Cull, independent music journalist. www.mikeocull.com 

Experimental French rock band Gonetcha exists in a world of its own creation, one that encompasses free minds, artistic alternatives, and unlimited ideas. Formed in 2017 in Lyon, France, Gonetcha has a new album called Pragmatic that represents the group’s unique musical universe well and dropped in September of 2019. It’s Gonetcha’s fourth record to date and shows listeners an engaging and unusual good time with its quirky blend of funk, rock, goth, and the band’s own creative vision.  

Gonetcha is yet another group that chooses to reveal precious little about its members and their background in order to keep people focused on the music at hand. This is a refreshing trend that flies in the face of the global media bombardment we all receive daily and forces fans to listen closely to extract the truth from the songs themselves. The truth of Pragmatic lies in its hypnotic grooves, dark vibes, and unsettling vocals that keep it from fading into background noise and instead compel listeners to lean in and become involved.  

“Biased World” is funky, cool, and atmospheric and opens the record perfectly. It shifts moods from a strong funk pocket to an almost thrash-y section and back again, giving listeners a chance to move while interpreting the well-written, intelligent lyrics. “State Property” keeps the funk pumping underneath low-toned vocals describing the stress of our pay-bills-until-you-die society. The song, like the rest of Pragmatic, is as quirk-filled and distinctive as early Talking Heads, even though the sonics are quite different. “Blackmail Culture” is another high point on the album and features some great, dynamic bass work. Other must-hear moments on Pragmatic include “Cycle of Life,” “Social Slave,” and “Reason.” Gonetcha is a distinctive and talented crew making music you definitely haven’t heard before but need to discover at once. Highly recommended. 


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